The Day I Became a Pirate

The Day I Became A Pirate is an exciting interactive adventure book app about a boy and his encounter with a band of pirates who need his help. He bravely assists as things get gooey and downright frightening before he saves the day and gets an unexpected surprise.

  A Quest for Good Manners

Princess Rosalind (and her pet dragon, Sparkler) are very rude. "What's the big deal with manners anyway?" the princess asks. Banished by the queen, the two find themselves on a quest to discover the secret behind good manners.

  I Eat You

A fun little story app where each fish eats the next one. As the fish get bigger the lines get a little funnier until the final fish meets his match.

  Growing Up: What is Adolescence?

"Growing Up: What Is Adolescence?" provides a foundation for understanding the changes and challenges of the preteen years. The book focuses on developing strong character, recognizing one's natural talents and abilities, and building self-confidence.

  Growing Up: Why do I Feel this Way?

Growing Up: Why Do I Feel This Way? outlines some of the physical, emotional, and social changes young people can expect as they approach adolescence.

  My Daddy

"My Daddy" is about a boy and his dad. Filled with examples of how Dad's help their younger children every day in meaningful ways, "My Daddy" is a book for the whole family.

  My Ride with the Alien

"My Ride with the Alien" is about a young girl who meets a friendly alien and their adventure together as they tour the solar system. The interactive book app features an educational overview of the solar system, interactive activity pages for each of the planets, and a unique Build Your Own Planet activity that let's younger readers use their imagination.

  Little Frigglepants: Builds a Rocket Ship

Little Frigglepants is bored. What should he do? When asking mom doesn't help, he turns to his brains. A brilliant plan is formed: A Rocket Ship! Will he be able to complete it before Baby comes along?

Hidden pictures, crazy sounds, a flying space monkey, speedy aliens are just the beginning of the Friggle fun! You can even have Frigglepants and Baby read you the story.

  Darla of the Deep

Darla of the Deep is the story of a young girl who loves her bath time adventures. Her imagination carries her to far off places as she soaks and scrubs in the tub. Kids will love trying and find all of the interactive pictures to tap on and embarking on a deep sea adventure to meet Darla the Mermaid.

How to Pray

A beautifully Illustrated Interactive Story that will touch your heart. Ever wonder how to pray? This Free App explains why prayer is important and how to create one using interactive illustrations. Be sure to tap on all of the objects so you don't miss out. Free Updates included.

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